Upfront Pricing • File preparation services when you need it On standby when you don't.

We'll get the work done, allowing you to grow your practice, attend to varying client needs or just get out of the office. 


Let's face it, one of the biggest hurdles in running a successful accounting practice is talent - someone qualified to prepare the file accurately and economically.


FilePrep services are specifically tailored to public practice firms, we take your file from the beginning to the end, reconciling balances, preparing the financial statements, letters and tax return for you.  


File preparation services when you need it

We understand that the workload can be irregular at times - clients providing information late, staff turnover or just an increase in business. We offer services to prepare your file, from beginning to end to ensure you meet all required deadlines and client expectations. 


At FilePrep we will never contact your client. All questions that arise during file preparation are provided to you - to discuss with your client. When working with FilePrep you retain complete control over the engagement from the way you would like the adjustments posted to client contact, we always remain behind the scene.  


FilePrep allows you and your firm to be flexible, whether it be when growing your practice, dealing with staff turnover or a general increase in workload. By offering preparation services at a fixed price you have the flexibility to run your business without having to increase staff and infrastructure. 

Security & Confidentiality 

The security and confidentiality of your information are one of our utmost priorities. Working with the most up to date technology we guarantee the security and confidentiality of your information from the moment the engagement is accepted till all the documents are returned to you.

Upfront Pricing 

When the workload increases so do associated costs, whether it be hiring more staff, paying for overtime or doing the work yourself. At FilePrep we quote the cost to prepare the file upfront allowing you to know what the cost to complete is before we start. Best part, there are no costs when workload decreases. 


We understand the clientele and work of small and mid-sized public practice firms, whether it be owner-manager companies, professional corporations, manufacturing and construction, real estate, retail, oil and gas service or not-for-profit. 

We will get the work done for you. 

Notice to Reader

We will prepare the file according to your firm's specifications and standards, beginning to end - reconciling balances, posting AJE's and preparing the financial statements, letters and T2. 

Review Engagements

We will conduct the review engagement according to your firm's standards and specifications along with risk analysis, materiality, analytical procedures, and the CPEM programs. We will provide you with a detailed list of queries to discuss with your client to increase documentation in the file, detailing changes and variances from prior years.

Bookkeeping, investment analysis and other miscellaneous projects

Even though we are not a bookkeeping firm, we provide bookkeeping and investment reconciliation services in order to complete your client's year-end. We offer services to complete all additional work required for your client either at year-end or throughout the year. 


Give us a call! Let's get to know each other 

Let's get to know each other. We want you to get to know us, our experience and how we can help your firm! Plus, we want to know you,  understand how your firm operates, the clients you work with and the work that you need to get done. 



Design a process 

We work with you to determine the most efficient process to seamlessly get your work done. We understand that each firm is unique in their approach to file preparation, and we want to determine a process that works for you.     


All we need is any relevant client information and away we go. We take the entire engagement, whether it be an NTR or Review and complete it, beginning to end - Reconciling accounts, ensuring support agrees and completing the financial statements, letters, T2, plus any additional programs or support you require .

We get the work done!



Once the work is done all you have to do is review the file. It's that simple!




Reduced costs 

FilePrep allows you and your firm to operate or grow without having to bear the associated costs, whether it be in the form of infrastructure, additional employees or overtime. FilePrep allows you to reduce overall costs and and grow based on billings - adding employees and infrastructure at your comfort. 

No more awkward client meetings 

Clients like to know the cost to complete a year-end upfront and are rarely forgiving when the bill exceeds the quote. With FilePrep you will always know what the cost to prepare will be, so you can ensure it stays within your budget.   

We believe this is what sets us apart. All our charges for preparing your file are fixed when we accept the engagement allowing you to ensure recoverability and profitability. 


With upfront pricing you will always know the exact cost to prepare the file. We understand that pricing strategies vary from firm to firm and we work with your firm to determine a fixed price for the engagement based on work to be done and the quality of documentation available.